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 My name is Deborah Moore I hail from a small town in North Georgia. Our family spent time with a work move in Houston Texas which I fully adopted and loved! We now live and serve in the West Cobb community. Happy to be back near family.

 I have spent many years of focused study in hair color correction strategies and advanced hair color placement. If you want really fabulous beautiful hair color you have found your home. Perhaps you find yourself in a color mess. I can definitely help you there as well My goal is to keep your hair healthy as we achieve your goals. 

I particularly enjoy creating shiny, dimensional hair color in natural shades. If you take notice of any young child's hair color you will see at least two tones with organically placed highlights. Their hair will look healthy and shiny. I can help you achieve that beautiful hair color.


I look forward to meeting you soon.




To see my service menu click here.To book an appointment click the pencil. If you are new please add "consultation" to your services. 


If you have any questions email me at I look forward to meeting you very soon.



"Deborah is the best!  When I found her, I had been looking for 2 years to find a hairdresser that could do amazing color.  She was it! I never looked back!  Consistently, excellent color and cut. Plus, she has a great personality and sense of humor. Complete package!

      - A C.


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